Batman & Robin: Batman vs. Robin

Batman & Robin: Batman vs. Robin

ISBN: 140122833X

ISBN 13: 9781401228330

Publication Date: November 09, 2010

Publisher: DC Comics

Pages: 168

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Grant Morrison, Cameron Stewart, Andy Clarke, Scott Hanna, Dustin Nguyen

4.13 of 9,155

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Grant Morrison continues his habit of teaming up with A-list, critically acclaimed artists by joining Cameron Stewart (Seven Soldiers of Victory: Manhattan Guardian) and Andy Clarke (Batman: Face the Face) for the next exciting chapter of the adventures of the new Dynamic Duo!
The new Batman and Robin uncover clues involving the mysterious death of Bruce Wayne before facing off against each other in a heated battle instigated by Robin's mother that both heroes will regret - if they live through it! Featuring a 3-issues storyline that ties into the best-selling Blackest Night event titled "Blackest Knight," this new collection is a must-have for both new readers and longtime fans of Grant Morrison's Batman epic as the superstar writer unveils more of his genre-defying masterplan!

Collecting: Batman & Robin 7-12

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