The Failure Six

The Failure Six

ISBN: 1879193192

ISBN 13: 9781879193192

Publication Date: January 12, 2010

Publisher: Fugue State Press

Pages: 110

Format: Paperback

Author: Shane Jones

3.94 of 127

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A modern fable set in a society that has come to favor written messages over talking. A young woman named Foe has lost her memory and six messengers who attempt to recite her past back to her inevitably - and creatively - fail. Parts Kafka, Lewis Carroll, and Aesop, the imagistic allegory warns that in a culture of texting, email, and Twitter, we can't forsake real conversation - or we could lose its art forever. - Interview Magazine, Dec/Jan 2010.

An exquisite memento of wildly imagined scenes, odd characters, and nightmares confused with waking life, a slipstream loop where bureaucracy and hallucination are so intertwined that you’re often confused which is the most absurd. - The Brooklyn Rail, April 2010.

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