Shadow Knight's Mate

Shadow Knight's Mate

ISBN: 1609403916

ISBN 13: 9781609403911

Publication Date: September 01, 2014

Publisher: Wings Press

Pages: 320

Format: Paperback

Author: Jay Brandon

4.08 of 12

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This novel of international espionage begins with a bizarre terrorist attack meant to discredit a secret society that has been attempting to steer historical events for more than a century. Jack Driscoll, a member of the society, and Israeli security specialist Rachel Green partner up with a sexy but mysterious woman in order to prevent a second attack, this one intended to disrupt a global economic summit in Europe. Together they must make sure the president of the United States attends the summit while keeping him safe from assassins who would like nothing more than to start a world war by killing the leader of the free world while he is on foreign soil. As the trio attempt to prevent a global catastrophe, readers will discover some of the “real history” of America, including why Lee chose Gettysburg, why Franklin Roosevelt had to run for a third and fourth term in office, and why Tom Hanks’ becoming a movie star was one of secret society’s greatest failures.

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