The Magus

The Magus

ISBN: 0316296198

ISBN 13: 9780316296199

Publication Date: January 04, 2001

Publisher: Back Bay Books

Pages: 656

Format: Paperback

Author: John Fowles

4.05 of 36,519

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This daring literary thriller, rich with eroticism and suspense, is one of John Fowles's best-loved and bestselling novels and has contributed significantly to his international reputation as a writer of the first degree. At the center of The Magus is Nicholas Urfe, a young Englishman who accepts a teaching position on a remote Greek island, where he befriends a local millionaire. The friendship soon evolves into a deadly game, in which reality and fantasy are deliberately manipulated, and Nicholas finds that he must fight not only for his sanity but for his very survival.

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The Magus

by John Fowles

4.05 of 36,519